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Show Off Your Art Work

Show Off Your Work
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This community was made so that artist, and aspiring artst can come and share their work!

*_*Heres The Rules*_*
You can post ALMOST anything here
-Photoshopped Pics-
-Erotica/Short Stories-
-Poems.Short Stories-
As you might have notice above I said ALMOST. In this community we are not looking for pictures that you already had on your computer or pictures that you just found laying around.
Com'mon be creative, make your work speak for its self

You can post any questions you may have about design. If you have something your working on and you want some honest advice. Post it here, we'll try and help you out.

Maybe you have made some tutorials you want to share. We'd love to check them out.

You just created a new community about art, we def. want to hear about it.

Every Sunday I will give you a theme.
You can enter your work through out that entire week.
The pictures MUST match the theme to be voted on!
That whole week the entries will be voted for!

Every member can vote. Each member can vote as many as times as they want. You CANNOT vote on your own entry! Do not vote on every picture you like. Vote on every picture you think should win!
When voting you can either vote a 1, 2, or 3. 1 being the LEAST THAT YOU LIKE, NOT THE WORST ENTRY and 3 being the BEST.

At the end of the week I will count all the votes and I will post the winner and the new theme for that week, as well as the week after that.

* * * *THIS WEEKS THEME* * * *
Anything that you consider to be perfection is great!
Stock photos may be used, but created must be given!
You MUST give 3 reasons why you consider your work to be "perfection"~if the three reasons are not posted in the entry it will be deleted!

* * * *NEXT WEEKS THEME* * * *